Two Decades and Two years

Since past two years, I hadn’t celebrated my birthday with full zest and zeal as other people in my age do. This year, I tried to go for the like. I had been pretty much excited this year, because of the celebrations and the recent great additions to my life. I chose a birthday dress; not one but two for different parties and every morning till the day; I’d wake up to check the calendar dates. When the date arrived; I guess I had completely murdered my excitement because it so felt that it was- just another day in life unlike the calls at 12 am and timeline posts.
The people whom I had expected to greet me with a call or least a text message made it much simpler for me; to kill them in my head because of their hard efforts of posting- “Happy Bday”. I personally believe posting on the timelines doesn’t translate into a real wish, especially when Facebook is reminding you that “Oh! You have a person in your list too”.
I began my day with a friend who is new to his day job and I was slowly getting killed at breakfast because, I hate blabbering about “office politics” and “corporate chicks”. But, then he obviously made my morning aka 12:30 pm by gifting me tons of chocolate. I then proceeded to “Café Hawkers” at C.P. which is a really cool place. They serve you starters and main course in mini hawk carts.

Obviously, because of the excitement I called up a few more persons in the evening to eat more calories and tell them that they matter. And, my bubble got pricked when I realize that they’ve ditched me at the final moment and I had to wait for my mother to arrive for dinner. So, I picked up a book and started reading in the scorching heat until a beggar approached me crying about his pregnant wife in labour pain on the street. I managed to take her to the nearest hospital and in no time, she was admitted to the labor room.
I am actually happy that the excitement did work and I contributed a hand in bringing a life into this world on the same day as mine.

So! I left the hospital around eight, had dinner with my mother- she telling me stories about her birthdays in her twenties. And, I won’t think again, if I have to write. It was indeed a happy birthday!

Good Night!

I am (NOT) getting Married.


To my readers (if I am left with any). Seriously guys, it’s been ages since I have blogged or expressed my mundane, INSANELY SANE thoughts with you. Hey! Hello! Namaste! How have you guys been? I know… I know… I am beginning my post with super boring clichéd lines. Actually, I had almost forgotten that I do have a blog running, and there are people in Iceland and Antarctica, desperately waiting for an article. So! Like I said; it has been a humongous ride – The journey from when I got a day job and my debut novel got published and then I got to play many roles post its release. To brief this all up, I would like you people (haters included) to know that I have not changed.

I DID NOT lose weight but yes! I lost two teeth and now my jawline is more chiseled than it was. I tried becoming a better person though, I swear! Read amazing books, met super-amazing people, shopped at amazing places only for good shoes and I hope this post also turns that amazing, now that I have bored you enough with (I) tag. (I) am not endorsing Apple. 🙂

On a serious note, now that I have almost made a comeback, I have got some serious, non-serious stuff that has helped me shape in a better way. I would like to remind you all, I will be turning twenty two (22) this April, (Do Not forget to wish me) which saddens and surprises me because; half of my friends on Social Media have found the true soul mates of their lives. True Soul mates bole toh Pati-Patni and here I am; still figuring out to make this post a bit funny. Guys! I think there is some problem with a few of us out there; that we are simply forgetting our individuality and voluntarily gifting it to some (XYZ) for the rest of our lives. I do not understand the concept of tying the knot so early; yes! I respect somebody’s decision of living together but Marriage is really the last resort. I wonder. Is it a question mark that is no more haunting us? Forget girls! Guys! What’s with your macho attitude? Where has it gone? Don’t tell me you will not cheat on with somebody else with your wife. Girls! Do you really in the world feel happy posing before a person with DSLR in hand and the showing it off on the social media. Ok! Let’s peep into your plan… You get married. You have two kids- One boy and one girl, as per the plan. And then? Potty Training? Then.

I better stop writing now.

Working on this post made me realize that so much of our experience is rarely spoken and yet shared by us all, and for that reason it’s not been any easy thing to write. How does one write about thoughts that only live in our subconscious? I hope and I so hope that this post encourages you mid-twenty guys and gals to go out and find the right answers in your life. Obviously, I am not Steve Jobs to lecture you on Success. I read this quote somewhere and this sentence defines my life each day: “Tell me; what is your plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Please DO NOT Answer: – GET MARRIED. Do you really have an answer?

Our hopes and dreams never become fixed, it’s a lifelong process. Get a job. Earn some money. Be a part of competitions. Make a wish list. Travel. Eat. Breathe, Read, And Dance. Make Love and please say “thank you” to me later.

The stigma of being a single woman is so subtle that we don’t even feel it pervading our minds and spirits. Society wants to define you by who you belong to. If you do achieve, you will be targeted. So, don’t take it personally. If you’re a woman running for office and you’re married, they’ll say you’re not taking care of your man. If you’re divorced, they’ll say you couldn’t keep your man. If you’re single, they’ll say you could never get a man in the first place’. People will Judge You. So Fuck Them. I repeat fuck them! Men are taught to be chose. Women are taught to be chosen. Marriage is not a cure-all for the problems of your life.

Don’t wait to find someone. You are someone. Marriage does not complete you. You complete you. Love is profound. Marriage is not.

Courtesy: Joy Chen – for the quote.

No Copy and Paste Allowed.

Stop Smiling. Do Something.

Till Then,