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Daughter of a Drunkard Monk

Daughter of a Drunkard Monk is Saumya Kaushik’s debut novel, being a hard-core feminist, the writer has penned down the adversities faced by women in a male patriarchal society the book picks out those issues which prevail in the society and are forgotten down in the papers and news. DODM is the story of the protagonist which can be any ordinary girl in similar situation. What, however, appears extraordinary is the grit and courage and confidence with which the protagonist faces all verities of adversities, many of which are simply reflections of her gender and the societal / patriarchal attitude towards girls in such / similar situations.  Click to Buy

Minds at Work 3

An Anthology of Short stories based on the topic “The girl who fought” First Ever Women oriented book written by women of modern times. This book holds Saumya Kaushik’s story – ‘The Lonely Widow’. 

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Miles Apart...

Distance means so little when someone means so much. Close together or miles apart the loved one’s always remain in the heart. Miles Apart is an anthology of some beautiful love stories narrating the long-distanced love by Saumya Kaushik and Komal Sikha.

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Meri Kalam

Meri Kalam, a bi-lingual anthology, edited by Surabhi Pandey, it features Saumya Kaushik’s story- The Balloon Boy, Published in the year 2018.

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Remote Work: The Future of Work

Remote, flexible, and virtual workingis a concept that has gained serious traction in recent years due to the increasing demand for a flexible work schedule. By 2022, 80 percent of the workforce will have flexible working hours with the option of working from home, which would become a standard procedure for any workplace as Employers are looking for new ways to motivate and increase productivity. After years of research, work from home has proven to increase productivity, balance work-life, and give employers a more comfortable working environment. 

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